Binah (binah1013) wrote,

Manna from Heaven in an Envelope

I work at a nutrition research center at a medical school. Sometimes I get some *interesting* mail. Interested in mice guillotines? I get the catalog that sells them. Want to totally restrain your child in a blue papoose thing that looks like it could be featured in a horror film? I'm sure I'll get the flyer again soon.

Ahh, but a GEM arrived in the mail yesterday. O Happy Day! Begone foul Weight Watchers! Get that Dr. Atkins far from me! Never going to visit that South Beach. There's no longer a need!

The obesity epidemic will soon be over! Huzzah!

From the [ahem] highly regarded journal "Disease Free World (Mystery of Origin of Chronic Diseases)" comes the message "Wearing of FOOT WEAR is also the reason of OBESITY!" (sic)

From the flyer:
"When we walk BACK-PRESSURE develop in our sole. With required ELECTRICITY is generated, which stimulates & charges our endocrine glands & internal organs, to keep them active & efficient.

This pressure also helps to raise blood against gravity.

Intensity of back- pressure diffuses due to FOOT - WEAR (Please watch, observe and compare walking action, area of contact and angle of sole from surface, while walking with Foot - Wear Vs Bare Foot Walking).

Account of performance of endocrine glands & internal organs is communicated to our descendants."

It's then signed by Kamal Kumar Agrawal. This person has not noted whether he's an M.D. or a Ph.D. or a Dr.P.H. I rather suspect there might be a reason for that. In my experience, most doctors do not forget to list their degrees in formal communication.

From the footer:
Caution: Wearing of Foot- Wear is the matter of existence of HUMAN- BEING.

Warning: Stop killing Animals for Leather, otherwise they will destroy you.

P.S.: -Please turn over for detail in HINDI



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