Binah (binah1013) wrote,

Some like it hot

Nine times out of ten, I'm the warmest one in the room--temperature speaking. My hands are generally not cold. I wear sandals on even the coldest days without regretting it. I always want a fan on. And I'm never the one at work complaining that the A/C is too cold. In fact, I may be complaining that my office is too warm.

My dearly beloved always has ice cold feet. He blames it on poor circulation. Yet when he goes to sleep, he turns into a furnace. I'm the opposite, evidently. He says I don't sleep, but instead hibernate. I go so cold that he has even watched me sleep just to make sure I'm breathing.

Another point of note is that it has to be cool for me to sleep. I sleep under a sheet, and my dearly beloved is under a comforter. And if it gets "too hot" (over 74F), I'll wake up and complain.

So, knowing all this, why do I invariably feel chilled on workday mornings? It could be 74F, and I'll still shiver at 6am. It takes me at least 45 minutes, with the help of a warm cup of coffee, tea or cocoa to feel brave enough to shed my robe and get ready for the day.

If I could sleep in 'till 9am everyday, I wouldn't have this problem. What a shame I can't swing that. Sigh.

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