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You Shall Not Pass, Tailgater!

Often, on the way to work, I see this one particular art car on the road. Not that I see a lot of art cars, but I've seen a few in Houston over the years. This car, in its previous life was a Dodge Neon. And all in all, this car has probably had a rough life.

This car doesn't really have one over-arching theme, rather it seems the owner has just let whim be his muse. The biggest influence is LOTR. But before I get into that, the most obvious feature is the bumper. It's covered in scales like a fish. You would think this would be a great jumping off point to having an ocean theme throughout. Yet, no. The bumper makes me smile. Actually the whole car does, but I like the fishy back end. I suppose they could be dragon scales, but they're light colored with hint of iridescence.

Each panel of the car is a different color. On the driver side door, there is a painted map of Middle-Earth. On the roof of the trunk (above the scales), are LOTR figures. I think they are pewter figures that have been cemented on. One looks like Aragorn and there are hobbits. One is most definitely Gandalf brandishing his staff. I like to imagine that the little Gandalf is facing off with tailgaters as if they were the Balrog.

What is utterly right about this whole picture is the driver. He fits in like a glove with this whole image. I'm not sure if the A/C doesn't work or whether he eschews A/C, but the windows are down to enjoy the 99% humidity and 78F-80F temp in the AM. He's a stocky older guy with shoulder-length white/gray hair and a woolly beard. He wears solid-colored short-sleeve t-shirts. I can't tell if he's a jeans or shorts wearer. I like to imagine he wears sandals, but clearly I can't confirm that. He completes the package.

I like to imagine that this guy would be interesting to know. I'll probably never properly meet him and perhaps I wouldn't find him cool at all. But that's okay. My imagination makes him a cool dude and that's all I need.

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