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Buffyverse, DVR and us

When I first met Cliff via a blind date set up by my dentist, he had season tickets to the Rockets basketball team. And since we obviously hit it off, we went to a lot of games that year. That wreaked havoc with my TV watching. Angel went by the wayside. However, I refused to give up Buffy the Vampire Slayer. When I moved in with him, I told him I would spend the hour of BtVS in front of the TV. It was his choice whether he wanted to join me.

He thought BtVS was stupid, but he watched it with me. It didn't take long for him to "get" BtVS and then he grudgingly started to like it. When BtVS went off the air, I told him that I would watch the last season of Angel and that the same deal applied--watch it with me or amuse yourself. I wouldn't be much more up to date than him since I had missed the previous season, but I knew the characters.

Cliff fell in love with the show. Had an affection for it that he didn't feel for BtVS. So, when we got our DVR, we started recording Angel on TNT. Cliff and I have watched every episode of Angel now about twice. It was time to pick a new show to watch. I said he oughta catch up with the seasons of Buffy he didn't see. He was game.

BtVS plays on FX and that's a sad thing because FX sucks. Or at least FX sucks in comparison to TNT--namely with the picture and sound quality, episode order and nasty popup ads with SOUND. Gah. TNT plays Angel everyday at 4pm central time in sequential order. Granted TNT didn't adhere to the natural commercial breaks, but you could get used to their rhythm. It made watching the series a pleasant and hassle free experience.

FX wants to make watching Buffy a challenge. FX plays Buffy 4 times a day. We initially picked the 6am showing. It didn't take us long to figure out that episodes were being skipped. Buffy and Angel have sex and boom, the next ep is talking about all the dastardly things Angel did. HUH?? We went back to the schedule and figured out FX plays the following ep the very next hour at 7am. So, we have to tape both the 6am and 7am episodes to retain episode order. But our DVR won't let us record just the 6am and 7am airings. It's one time slot or ALL timeslots. ERRG ARRG.

TNT rules and FX drools.
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