Binah (binah1013) wrote,

Inconsiderate Cell Phone Man

The inconsiderate cell phone man has a fansite. Yes, a fansite. Granted I happen to like the ICPM spots at Loews theatres, but a fansite? I blame Wonkette for leading me there. She should probably boil in peanut oil for learning photoshop, even though I love her boozy ass-fucking blog.

Actually, the "icpm" acronym kinda throws me. It's perfectly correct, but my mind wants to assign the "ic" to inconsiderate. So then the "p" just leaves me flailing 'cause I think "cellphone" and not "cell phone" so the "p" is just out of place! Finally, I feel like I'm back on solid ground with the "m", but I gotta go back and mentally reassign the letters. Oh bother!

They have videos of the PSA's at that site. Fun.

My favorite line is still, "It's pronounced kar-RA-tay."

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