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Computer Woes

I've been feeling uncommunicative lately and computer issues have been helping that along. Yet things have been happening. Both Cliff's and my computers died within two weeks of each other. Laws yes. And because his new machine has a 200GB hard drive, mine dying was much less tragic because I backed up my files on his hard drive. Evidently my life equals about 40GB, music included. That's right folks, I am so not ready for a 60GB iPod. *cries*

Now, the reason I did that is that we decided I need to wipe my machine and reinstall Win2000. And the reason I decided to do THAT is because we borrowed a game (Age of Mythology) from a friend and it ran like ass on my machine. And yet, my old machine seemed to well surpass the game requirements. So, it seemed like a good idea to start fresh with my machine again.

Now, I should explain we've been having lots of thunderstorms this spring and power outages. We used to have both computers on a UPS surge protector thingy and we moved them to simple power strip surge protectors because the UPS box died. Can ya see where this is going? Yeah, thought so. Cliff's computer was old and decrepit and we expected to replace his soon. We just chalked his up to old age when it started sputtering. Then when booting my wiped machine and encountering problems, we realized evil was afoot and hoofing it with gusto.

While computer shopping, we discovered the shiny brand new *EVOL* store. Move over Bed, Bath and Beyond. You may have the pretty, but this new store has the fun! Fry's Electronic Superstore. The website is not all that, but the store is like Toys 'R Us for adults. Best Buy pales in comparison. You can barely make it out of there with any money to your name without the greatest of discipline.

So yayness with the new 'puters. I definitely have more to say on 'puters, bittorent, the joy of DVD burning and more. But for now, I'm done. I also need to post about the cruise I took in MAY. *sigh*

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