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DVD-R and torrents

We're so loving our new DVD-R drives and the software that comes with them. We have discovered that shows we've downloaded via torrent can make for decent DVDs to watch on TV. Previously, we were just watching the shows on the computer. But I started snagging DS9 and Cliff complained he didn't want to watch 'em all off the computer.

Cliff is mucking about with another program, but the default program for burning DVDs is fun. Cliff is slowly transferring last season's Doctor Who to DVD. I'm tempted to take over the project from him because I've figured out how to make nice menus on the default program.

I've still been using the rather lame "themes" the program provides, but I'm finally branching out. You can add backgrounds, music and even video to the menus. Last night I downloaded the DS9 theme from WinMX and then used it for the menu for the latest DVD I burned. I need to make a nice screenshot or find a nice DS9 image for these DVD's. Last night's DVD got the "winter forest" theme, though I did add the music and I figured out how to put episode images on the chapter selection page. Go me!

I imagine I'll have a nice system set up for DS9 by the time I get to the end of S1. I'm only fitting 2 episodes per DVD to try to retain picture quality. It's somewhat like the videotape speeds of SLP, EP, etc.

I'm downloading S2 as we speak. I downloaded S1 a week ago, but then S2 wasn't available! So I went for S5, which took for-EVAH. Finally finished S5 last night and saw S2 was back to being an active torrent. Yippy! Hopefully the S3 torrent will be renewed/refreshed soon.

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