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The "Vulgar" Culture War

It was interesting to watch Rick Santorum on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Stewart was predictable polite to Santorum, but did bring up some good points.

Yes, they danced around the homosexuality issue. Santorum refrained from man-on-dog arguments (i.e. when he equated beastiality with homosexuality). But Stewart did ask what was wrong with the gay community wanting those same values--getting married and having kids. Santorum prattled on about preserving the sanctity of marriage, etc. But he never articulated why two dads/moms were bad other than they weren't "ideal".

Stewart asked, "Can you legislate an ideal?" Of course Santorum said yes, and that we should. That seems wrong to me, but I'd say that question could probably be directed to some liberal issues. Yet, there's no way I could agree with bigotry of Santorum's position.

Santorum went on and on about how "bad" culture is. I guess I really can't empathize because I don't think culture is that evol, but that's clearly the basis of these religious right-wingers. I'm with Jon when he asks whether our vulgar culture is really worse than a less vulgar culture that allows racism, segregation, etc. Jon asked Santorum about CGI frogs and lizards selling beer. Santorum replied by saying he felt Victoria Secret ads were more damaging.

Underwear is somehow worse than beer? In deference to Santorum's viewpoint, I'd think beer promotion would be equally as "bad" as using sex appeal to sell undies. But no, cartoon-like ads to make beer seem cool is MUCH better than models showing underwear they want you to buy.

And how much did I love Stewart wagering Santorum that his book would outsell Bennett's (known big-time gambler) morality book? And Santorum falling into that gotcha? VERY!

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