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Hearth and Home

Well, we've replaced most of our fence and the house is painted. We had lots of siding and a couple of doors (including the frames) replaced which added to the cost. We're definitely poorer for the experience, but the house is looking much better. Our homeowners' association should be off our backs for some time. Hate them, hate them, wouldn't want to date them.

Our next door neighbors have disappeared. Probably not in a "Omigod, call the police!" kind of way. I think they moved away in the middle of night, probably a couple of weeks ago. Their garage has been left open with only one lonely lawn chair to keep it occupied. The city posted a notice in the yard informing the owner to mow the lawn or they would do it and put a lien on the house. The lawn was mowed a couple of days ago, but the notice is still there.

I never saw a "For Sale" sign, so I'm guessing either the mortgage became too much for them or the homeowners' association threatened litigation over something. We have a very litigious homeowners' association. We paid our dues late a couple of years ago because my beloved was out of work. They sent back a notice claiming we needed to pay a $150 late fee (1 month late). Since he had lived in the house for a few years before we got together and had paid late before with no problem, he ignored the notice. That was a costly mistake. We ended up having to pay over $1500 to settle the suit they filed. So yeah, they'll always be greedy bastards to us.

Now if only we had enough moolah to replace our sad, sad carpet. Sigh.

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