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ST: Enterprise

Long ago in galaxy far away, I had great hopes for Enterprise, the latest series in the Star Trek franchise.

The first year was pretty good. The second sucked the sweat off monkey balls. And now we come to this season. The supposed innovative season that was going to invigorate the series. I'll give it this, it did start out better.

However, last night I saw the death of the original idealistic ST spirit. I want to say last night was The Worst Episode EVAH! (tm), but I think the Trip and the Princess ep from last season may still edge out last night's ep.

Last night's ep was treasonous to the soul of what ST always used to stand for, not to mention bad drama. I guessed the plot within 5 minutes and thought, "Aww, they've got to have a twist at the end."

You know there's something wrong when there's a mutiny and you're rooting for the Captain to show he's in charge of a ship of assholes. Story is Enterprise finds an derelict insectoid enemy ship with a hachery on board with 30 viable eggs. Captain wants to save the eggs/babies and get them back to the bad guys. One to prove we aren't trying to kill them all (the bad guys think we're after them), and two because the eggs will hatch into sentient beings and just leaving to die is immoral.

The Captain's position on this is classic Star Trek. Idealistic, reaching for the best of human nature. Pure Star Trek.

The crew, starting with Tit'Pol (T'Pol, the fake Vulcan) think we should ditch the ship and continue with the mission. We should be practical, according to them. Let's forget IDIC (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination--Vulcan credo). Let's forget how ethical Vulcans are supposed to be. God knows the current crop of producers have. Didn't Shiban join Enterprise? Hmm...

In the end, the show makes the Captain wrong (the eggs put the whammy on him) and the practical folks right. Sure, the practical folks made sure the babies would survive. Though only because the Captain had already done so much to make that so.

At the end, I was disgusted. I was prepared to be impressed that ST would do a mutiny story where the Captain was the right one all along. Instead, the show disappointed greatly.

I've been watching for the last few weeks really only because of my husband, I'll admit. But I think I will not watch another episode. May the stupid thing get cancelled this season as rumored.

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