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Tuesday Morning

I actually went to sleep right after The Daily Show last night. That was nice because waking up this morning at 6am was much easier. I read the news online from iWon and Salon. iWon has a ton of ads, but a good selection of AP stories. I don't even go to iWon in the hopes of winning anything. After the first year of hoping it'd be MY turn to win the daily 10K, I stayed for the news.

I checked out National Review's Corner this morning to see what the right-wingers were blathering about and I read my LJ friends list. I checked to see if there was any new fanfic at my favorite ST:ENT site, but sadly no.

I checked TorrentSpy and found season 3 and 7 of DS9 available for download. HOORAY!! BitLord wasn't allowing me to download 7 for awhile and for no reason I could see. And season 3 hasn't been available for quite some time! I got both downloads started to run for the couple of days it takes. Yay!

Because I'm SUCH a good wife, I make coffee which I do not drink during the week and often the weekends, too. Lately I've been drinking a mug of Ovaltine in milk, but this morning it was a couple of cookies and juice. At 7pm, I wake my darling husband with a cup of coffee, get a hug and a kiss and go to our bathroom to get ready. I turn on NPR on the radio in the bathroom, which can be heard in the bedroom. They were discussing the Discovery and clearly watching the NASA channel.

Since we get the NASA channel, we turned it on. It's kinda cool when NPR is narrating what's on TV AT THAT MOMENT. Heh. The Discovery landed about 7:05am our time. I could go find the exact time, but the point is Cliff had to tell me to come back into the bedroom to watch the landing. Toothbrush clenched between my teeth, I did.

At 7:20am, I'm dressed and ready to go. I tell Cliff I love him and go to work. I'm one of those evil women that put mascara on during the stoplights! It's true! Traffic wasn't terrible, so I made it to work on time. Yay me!

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