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Monday Morning

Or at least my Sunday wasn't. Mommie Dearest decided for her birthday (8/17) that she wanted me to accompany herself and the male parental unit to one of their frequent treks to Galveston and to take the Bolivar ferry. She picked yesterday as the day, forcing me to leave the house at 9am on a Sunday.

It's not just that I like to sleep in on the weekends. It's that I generally don't enjoy the company of my parents. My situation probably isn't as intolerable as say, Xander Harris (from BtVS), but it ain't too fun at the best of times. My sister was ever so wise to move across the country, and I was dumb as a box of rocks to stay in the same area. Worse yet, I live about 15 minutes away from them. That is ENTIRELY too close, believe you me.

So yes, if there is a heaven, I feel I earned my place yesterday. It really sucks to be the dutiful daughter. Plus, I may have ruined my digital camera in the process.

First off, we went in their Ford 150 truck which doesn't really have a proper backseat. They refused to take their Camry. This is why Cliff was not invited (sob!), though they lamely suggested he could follow on his motorcycle. :insert rolling eyes: Nothing like being in an enclosed space with an inconsiderate smoker (the male parental unit) for hours on end. Or hey, nothing like being stuck in an enclosed space with two adults that act like bickering children. Fun, fun, fun. Why have kids when I could just visit my parents?

On the way to Galveston, we stopped off for breakfast at a Jack in the Box. I wasn't hungry, so I just got a strawberry soda which I proceeded to spill over myself. Nice. I went to the bathroom to rinse it out. So, I started off the day wet. We went to some picnic tables on the Seawall, took some pictures. Then we took the ferry over to the Bolivar peninsula. We stood at the front of the ferry to look for dolphins when a big wave TOTALLY drenched me down to the underwear. I was holding my digital camera. It has not recovered. My mother swears that she's never seen a wave like that on the ferry.

We went to some park where we watched ships come in to the ship channel while I vainly hoped that my clothes would dry. I sat on hot cement and left wet butt-prints. And for the record? I hate the taste of sea water. Ugh.

We drove some on the beach while my mother pointed out some expensive houses and asked me if I thought the beach was lovely. Hmm, not after having been to Cancun and Cozumel, but I didn't say that. The Galveston area doesn't have beautiful blue waters. I kinda uh-huh'ed my answers, then mildly pointed out there was a lot of trash on the beach. Much surprise was expressed at the trashiness and how "it isn't like that during the week when we usually take these drives!"

Finally, I bought them lunch at the Outrigger Grill, a tiny spot they've raved to me about. There are tons of amusing little signs all over the restaurant, such as "If you're smoking, you'd better be on fire," and "I love a man with dishpan hands!" Some were funnier than others.

The place had personality, though I think they oversold the quality of the food. I didn't order the famous deep-fried baked potato with shrimp, though it looked decent. I went with the supposedly safe fish and shrimp combo dinner. Talk about bland! The fish and shrimp were deep fried and battered in a flour-based batter that seemed more appropriate on Chicken-fried steak. To make matters worse, I wasn't really hungry and just picked at the food on my plate. I don't know where my appetite was yesterday, but it was an inconvenient time to lose it. My parents did notice.

And finally, finally we headed back home. Had to wait 20 minutes for a ferry while the male parental unit smoked up a storm. Breathing through my shirt, I still developed a headache. On the plus side, we finally saw dolphins on the way back. One jumped clear out of the water as if he was showing off.

I never so glad to come home, though.

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