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Katrina and the Waves

Living relatively nearby in Houston, I wish I had taken the time to visit New Orleans. I always meant to, and the city may very well continue after Katrina, but I think it'll be different place. Normally I'm not one to do sappy "Isn't that AWFUL!" entries on tragedies that don't really affect me personally, but today I'm in the mood.

Après nous le déluge? Non, pour moi, avant, pas après.

Yesterday, when all those choppers were rescuing people from rooftops some of them were supposed to be transporting 3,000 pound sandbags to the levee breaks. Per the NO Mayor, there was a major miscommunication and no choppers came for the sandbags until nearly dark. He seems pretty livid about it, cause it pretty much doomed the city to completely flood and added at least 4 weeks to the recovery process. I can't say I blame him.

When I read about that late last night, it blew my mind. I woke Cliff up to tell him about it. He looked resigned and mentioned that people were their first priority, so *shrug*. I could have debated him and talked about plugging the levee would save lives and give the residents more time, etc. But I think Cliff just expected a clusterfuck somewhere along the line and couldn't be shocked.

I've been a news junkie watching everything on Katrina. I think we've all read or saw pieces on New Orleans' vulnerability in the last few years, but to see some of the doomsday predictions happen is strange. And to watch civilization just break down is insane. Police carrying AK-47's, martial law, looting, carjackings, shootings, suicides in the Super Dome, ignoring corpses 'cause they're too low on the priority list? It doesn't seem like that could all happen here, but it is. New Orleans knows desperate times and has shown us how thin the veneer of civilization is.

Since Sunday, I've mused, "Is this the end of New Orleans?" Are we in the midst of seeing a major city abandoned in modern times, like Alexandria of the old world? And then I think, "Goddammit, stop it with the melodramatic alarmist crap. New Orleans will recover and you're just sinking into hysterical speculation."
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