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I should have done this yesterday, but I checked in with lots of folks yesterday, but not here. My internet is still down at home and I didn't get to LJ before I went home yesterday from work.

Well, Rita wasn't so bad. At least where we were, she was a LOT of wind and very little rain. I was quite surprised how little rain we got.

We lost power for only about 6-8 hours early Saturday morning. Around 3am Saturday morning, we noticed it had gotten hot and humid in the house, so the power had to have been off for awhile. The power came back around 10am. Cable was back when the power was on for the most part, except some of Sunday night. However, the internet was down all weekend. So, we were pretty comfortable. We burned and watched alot of DS9 and played Age of Mythology all weekend.

Part of our fence was blown down, but it was the old side we hadn't replaced. We share that side with a neighbor that got foreclosed on, and a representative from the bank surveyed the damage on Sunday. The bank may end up replacing the fence.

There's a power pole near our house that we could see swaying in the the high wind, and that made us a bit nervous. But it didn't go down.

All in all, the evacuation (of others) was more traumatic than the storm. Not being able to find gas on Thursday morning was upsetting. Luckily, gas stations opened back up on Sunday. I even got a car wash! Yay!
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