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I started this post yesterday, but deleted it. Not because it was controversial, but because I didn't have time to go as ranty as I wanted to. I was going to write some long thing about conservatism in general and how I know there are some smart conservatives, but they sure don't work at NR--which is supposed to be the bastion of intelligent conservatism. That is, as opposed to Freepers, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin and like ilk.

If you're a left-leaning type or democrat, and you're questioning your beliefs, you should read National Review's The Corner. They'll convince you pretty quickly you don't want to be anything like them. What a bunch of wankers. Honestly.

What has them het up this week? The show Commander in Chief. You'd think they were threatened by the idea of a female president. And they wonder why the right has the anti-woman, anti-minority rep they have. Things that make you go hmm... Also, they've been ragging on Habitat for Humanity. Nice.

They're more on topic today and so this entry isn't as timely. But rest assured, they'll show their collective ass again. Still, their normal hackery and Bush fawning is enough in my opinion to reassure my political leanings.

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