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My minor? It's French, Bitch.

Oh such a GIP. I really should be using my Ted Hitler icon, but I so adore my new acquisition.

Okay, back to the subject line...

After watching two episodes of The Colbert Report, I'm liking what I'm seeing. The first show was funnier than the second, but the second did not really disappoint.

I like the visual commentary on this "Word" segment. And I'm considering changing my current sig line, from
"It's like weatherporn bukkake, only with less dignity." --Wonkette

"I don't trust books. They're all fact, no heart." --Stephen Colbert

I'm surprised how well the interviews have been going so far. The "Gravitas-Off" with Stone Phillips had me cracking up. The Leslie Stahl interview was decent.

I gotta say, having a 10:30pm(CT) program is making me feel old. I wanted to travel to the land of Nod during the interview. Usually at 10:30pm, I get up to go to the computer and stay up 'till 11pm or 11:30pm. But watching another show at 10:30pm in bed is a sleepy proposition.

In other TDS news, Bill O'Reilly is *such* a jerk. I think my TV boyfriend handled him well.

Last note: Photobucket is chapping my ass. Worst thing about it is I really have no need to use Photobucket, but I already have put so many pictures there. Fie on Photobucket!
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