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Meet Jack

Ready to be shocked? We got a kitten this week!

On the grounds at Cliff's work, there's a feral cat that had kittens. His company collected the kittens and asked the employees if they'd like to adopt them. Cliff told me about this about a couple of weeks ago and he asked me if I wanted one. I told him he was mean to joke with me that way. I mean, I knew he was kinda serious about it, but at the same time he is allergic and I wasn't going to put him through that.

Well, Thursday he calls me at work around 4pm. He says, "There's only two of 4-week-old kittens and the company is trying to give them away. Can we take care of a kitten that young?"

I tried to put him off, citing his allergies. He says, "I've thought about it and I can live on Benedryl if I have to."

Me: If you're serious about a kitten, then we should send you to an allergist before we think about bringing one home.
Cliff: No, no. There's one here now and I'm not always going to be this generous. Do you want one?
Me: Well...I should say no. But if there's a pair, we should get them both so they'll have each other's company while we're at work.

Ten Minutes later:
Cliff: One of the kittens has been spoken for.
Me: Well, maybe somebody will want the other one and we won't need to aggravate your allergies.
Cliff: I'm going to ask Kim to bring the other one home tonight.
(Because a kitten and a man on a motocycle would be a tragedy for all involved!)
Me: I'm going to need to take tomorrow off of work to acclimatize the baby to his new home. I'm not leaving a 4-week-old kitten alone in the house on his first full day here! Plus, I need to go shopping for the new arrival. By the way, has he eaten solid food yet?

Kim brought the boy to our house around 7:30pm and declared it wouldn't be fair to Cliff to have a kitten and she should should take him home! Ha, ha, ha!

He's a tabby with a healthy set of lungs--he definitely lets you know if he doesn't like something. I suspect he's going to be a talky kitty. He's very tiny and we let him sleep with us Thursday night. He didn't much care for the formula I bought from Petsmart, but he did eat canned kitten food Friday morning. That was a relief because we thought that maybe all he's had is mother's milk. And his resistance to the formula Thursday night was worrying.

We took him to the vet Saturday morning. Since the vet asked for his name, I said Jack. I'm not sure why I've been leaning towards that name, but there it is. I suppose if another name seems more appropriate, we'll change it.

Jack is a healthy boy, per the vet. He did have one intestinal bug, so we got a prescription to give him. When he's done with the prescription (2 weeks), then we'll bring him back for vaccines. The vet said we shouldn't get him fixed until Jack is 3-4 months old.

Jack has Cliff around his little furry finger. They take naps together. It's cute.

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