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Mornings with kitty!

Jack has taken to sleeping with us on a regular basis. Oh, he occasionally makes little forays in the night to explore the nooks and crannies of the room. But for the most part, he wants to sleep next to a warm body. Cliff is paranoid that he'll roll over onto Jack, but I figure he's gotten big enough to weather the risks of sleeping with humans. He still is a small fry (6 weeks old), but he's gotten to be a sturdy boy. I don't sweat it, and Jack usually sleeps next to me!

On weekdays, I get up at 6am after hitting the snooze a few times. I'm a snooze girl, what can I say? However, the snooze has been superfluous lately. Around 5pm (before my alarm goes off), Jack wants to play. He starts attacking my hand, or other more tender body parts. I'm spending my snooze time protecting myself from kitten attacks and trying to steal some last moments of shut-eye.

I refuse to get up on Jack's say-so, so even if I'm not getting much sleep in that last hour, I don't leave the bedroom until 6pm. I will not be that pathetic of a push-over for him. When I do officially get up, Jack gets so excited. He's all meowy and full of energy. I sit down and play with him for a bit before getting to my routine.

I feed him some Iams canned kitten formula food (with 50% more kitten!) <--just kidding there. It's just the kitten food is labeled just that. Not chicken-flavored, tuna-flavored, etc. I had to read the ingredients, and then I understood the labeling. It's got lamb, rice, fish, chicken...basically a little of everything. Hence the generic labeling. Still the whole "kitten formula" label seem a touch Solent Green to me.

Cliff gets up at 7am. As the good wifey I am, I bring him coffee and a kitten. I figure one of the two will wake his ass up! Heh. I leave first and Cliff complains that Jack follows him right to the door when he leaves. Oh the GUILT! Heh. He also gets home before I do, so I don't feel too sorry for him.
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