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I did my part

I voted yesterday. The stupid ban against gay marriage and civil unions in Texas passed by a large margin anyhow. And in other depressing news, Kansas Board of Education is backing Intelligent Design. *shakes head*

I occasionally get into political discussions with one of our non U.S. born faculty members. F is convinced there's something fundamentally wrong with Southern or Bible-Belt culture, or at least is inferior to the culture of the Northeast/West Coast. Hence the lower education, literacy and income levels. The divorce rate is less than 3.0 per thousand in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York. The rate was 8.5 per thousand in Nevada (highest in U.S.), 6.4 in Tennessee, 6.1 in Arkansas, 6.0 in Alabama and Oklahoma. ( )

I'm not saying F is right because sometimes the situation can be more complicated. Besides, idiots live everywhere. The South just votes them into office more often. But I can see how someone who isn't U.S. born would take a look at the numbers and make such a conclusion.

Southern red staters spend much time mocking the *evol* liberal humanist Northeast (a.k.a. "the Elitists"), and yet when it comes to family values it's the NE that walks the walk of family values on a greater scale. Things that make you go hmmm!

Though on the bright side, the Dover, PA voters kicked out the ID supporters. Yay!
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