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Pervert Kitty

I affectionately call Jack my pervert kitten. He LOVES to stand under skirts and dresses. If I'm wearing a long dress or skirt, he'll find his way under there. He also doesn't understand that sometimes Mommy and Daddy need ALONE time.

Jack also has another kink. He is just fascinated when I clean his litter box. He watches the proceedings with the utmost of attention. And when I'm done, he uses the box immediately--no matter what the time. Even if I saw him use it only minutes before. However, this morning, he topped himself. He decided to use the box *BEFORE* I finished. Jack certainly doesn't have a shy bladder. In fact, I had to wait until his Highness finished to complete the job!

The attached pictures are actually from last week. We introduced him to the backyard.

Jack looks insane here. Like he'd pull out an Uzi on your ass.

What is this place you call "Outside"?

Do I smell something? This is what you call wind?

I love this picture of Jack. Such a sweet face. And you can really see his green eyes.

Not *MY* best picture, but Jack looks great here.

Jack is my fierce kitty, even if we have surrounded him with toys that look like they come from a daycare. Though, Jack has been less rough with us in the last week.

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