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Keyboard Molester

Jack is a keyboard molester. It's amazing what that boy can make appear on a computer screen. For instance, I never set up seperate identities on my machine. I just boot and go. And yet? Jack figured out how to sign me off my machine.

Jack was begging from Cliff last night. He was eating a sandwich. When Cliff made the fatal mistake of looking away for a moment, Jack snagged the top slice of bread. Silly kitty. Cliff was able to retrieve his bread and appease the beast with a bit of cheese. I'm not sure if Jack really wanted the bread, but we didn't give him the chance to find out. However, the wee beast was sighted eating some rice this week. Granted it was with turkey, but considering how weird he is...

As Cliff would say, today is FRIDAY!! Only it's not really not, but since we have no work tomorrow it's a Thursday masquerading as a Friday. I'm taking off next week because my sister is flying in from Atlanta. So, at the end of the day I can say I'm off for the rest of the year! Yay!

I still haven't seen either Narnia or Kong. I'm not sure how motivated I am to actually see them, but I may go just to amuse my sister.
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