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It is seriously beginning to irritate me that LJ keeps signing me out. STOP IT LIVEJOURNAL, OR SO HELP ME I'LL KICK YOUR LILY-LIVERED ASS!


My friend who was diagnosed with colon cancer is getting out of the hospital today. She had wound issues for awhile and the doctors wouldn't allow her to eat for six weeks and put her on an IV at the hospital. Yes, six weeks of a hospital bed and a half of cup of ice chips per day. She no likey that, letmetellya. Her refrain? "My God I never noticed how many FOOD commercials play on TV!"

She's allowed to eat now. Yay! We'll get together next weekend and catch up.

In other good news, I got a new monitor at work. A 17" flat screen--I had a 15" before. The smaller one was okay because it had a decent resolution (1024x768). With the 17", I can set my resolution to 1280x1024. Ahhh, much better! I upped the font sizes so I don't get eyestrain.

Jack is still quite the cutie. He's growing into his ears. I didn't take any pictures of him over the weekend--I still have some from the weekend before to make web-ready. Though no kitty photoshoots, we did laugh at Jack. We've taken to opening the sliding glass door in the kitchen and letting him explore the backyard for an hour or so on weekend mornings. Well, last weekend it was drizzling. We debated not opening the door, but went ahead and did it.

Jack was much offended by the wet. Though he was very determined to spend some time outside. We ended up with a disgrunted, damp kitten/cat. Jack is over 4 pounds now. He's almost no longer a kitten! He's a mini-cat! Waaah! Where did my little handful of a baby go? Waaah!


I have some bad family news, but I'll put that in my next post. I started on a light note here and wanted to keep it that way.
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