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Wedding Anniversary

It's been three years since Cliff and I said, "I do." And we've been together in total for five years and still going strong. I'm a lucky girl to have such a wonderful guy.

Yesterday I looked up the anniversary gifts for the first time. The third year is leather. When I told Cliff that, he said, "Ahh, then I should order a whip, huh?" Hee.

I looked further down the list and noticed rubies were for the 40th. I remarked, "I have to wait 40 years for rubies? Damn! And 45 years for sapphires? Hell!" I noted without surprise that diamonds are for the 60th.

Cliff replied, "Just remember to add 43 years to those anniversaries!"
Me: "You wouldn't give me diamonds when you're 103?"
Cliff: "Sure, if I make it to 103, you can have all the diamonds you want!"

He better not blow his diamond money on petty things like doctors or medications.
Tags: cliff, love, marriage, wedding anniversary
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