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CNN is reporting that the US Military is closing the Abu Ghraib prison and transfer prisoners to other jails in Iraq. I suppose that'll be good PR to the Iraqi populace. Though at the rate they're killing each other, there's no saying many will notice. My humorously cynical side says, "Good! They should spread that torture around to all the prisons!" But then my darkly cynical side says, "What, you thought Abu Ghraib was something special?"

There's debate whether there will be civil war in Iraq. Or rather debate as to whether it has already started. How does one determine this sort of thing? Does civil war usually just creep up on ya and one day you just notice it? It seems everyday we read reports of at least double digit Iraqi deaths. Car bomb here, car bomb there, everywhere a car bomb! So much death. And per the Washington Post, the Shi'ites are suppressing body counts. Lovely.

It seems Americans are numb to it unless there's a US soldier tally. Though the US deaths still seem to be in the 2-3/day range. We're at 2300 dead, and thousands more seriously wounded. I wonder what the Iraq War Momument will look like. Surely some enterprising young architech is already gearing up. Though on the bright side, Bob Woodruff (ABCNews Reporter) can now speak and take some steps. Luckily he was wearing body armor when the road side bomb exploded.

I and many others knew Dubya and his misguided neocons invading Iraq was a deeply bad idea from the very start. But then we also knew the yellowcake story was bogus and the IAEA has serious doubts that Iraq had WMD's. Not to mention the proposed link Iraq and 9/11 was nothing more than wishful thinking spouted by neocons as fact. We knew the war was started under false pretenses. Intelligent people who paid attention to the news KNEW it. We were lied to and the intelligent hawks (both Dem & Rep) justified it to themselves thinking we'd spread democracy.

Have we spread democracy? Maybe, maybe not. The elected parliament hasn't gotten together (they're a week late) to form a government because factions object to the current Prime Minister. Oh wait, the news just updated and in a compromise they're asking the President Talibani to do the honors.

One of the sick things about the propaganda spouted by Dubya's neocons is that 70% of the troops believe we're in Iraq because of the supposed link between Hussein and 9/11. This whole debacle has made me realize that the average American just isn't all that bright.

That's probably why the whole Dubai Ports World hullabaloo is such amusing karma. Dubya and the neocons whipped up such hysterical anti-intellecutal xenophobic breast-beating patriotic fervor and now find it INCONVENIENT when it blocks a business deal. Karma is a bitch. Dubai Ports World is probably no threat, but I love the difficulty Dubya is having. Assclown.

Dubya has got to be the worst president this country has ever had.

One last thing. North Dakota has banned all abortions with the exception to a threat to the life of the mother. No exceptions for rape or incest. And now we've replaced Justice O'Connor with Justice Alito on the Supreme Court. This is the ultimate test. The pro-choice republicans I know insist Roe v. Wade will never be overturned. But when this gets brought up to the Supreme Court like everyone expects, and the vote goes 5-4 to overturn Roe v. Wade, I will have to look at those pro-choice repugs and go, "This is what you wrought. How do you feel about voting republican now? May I slap you for your lack of vision?"

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