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This has been a tiring week. I will be heartily glad at the end of the day.

Cliff had his gall bladder surgery on Monday and has been recovering at home. He's feeling much better than he did and expects to return to work on Monday. However, his pulmonologist's office has been driving him nuts. Last week he did a sleep study to determine if he has sleep apnea. He spent half the night on the sleep apnea machine and Cliff loved it. Said he had the best sleep he'd had in a very long time.

Cliff was not told then, but he was diagnosed to have sleep apnea and arrangements would be made to get him a machine. The office called on Monday afternoon and asked when he was having his gall bladder surgery so they could get the machine to him beforehand. Hah. Cliff informed them he had the surgery that morning. They were contrite and said they'd have the machine delivered the next day. Around 4pm on Tuesday, he called to check up on the status of the machine being delivered. Their response? "Oh today or tomorrow."

This irritated Cliff because he really wanted the machine. Wednesday at 4pm he calls again (at my urging) because the machine hasn't been delivered. The response, "Oh! Umm, your insurance doesn't work with the vendor we use. We have to find another vendor!" GRR. Nice of them to keep us informed! Cliff gets cranky and complains to me that if he WASN'T off work this week, that this business would be a major inconvenience.

I tell Cliff to call on Thursday to insure the process is still in motion. Cliff balks and makes noises about not wanting to call. I told him that unless he calls, nothing will be done. Squeaky wheel gets the oil and all that rot. I've been the one insuring he calls everyday 'cause he'd rather just let things happen at their slow, slow pace. But nothing gets done if you don't bird-dog the process. Experience has taught me that.

So Thursday he gets a call from the company that will deliver the machine. So hopefully today is the day. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It will be really disappointing and irritating if the deal falls through AGAIN.

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