Binah (binah1013) wrote,

Jack is 8lbs of fun!

We took Jack to the vet last weekend to get his shots and to get some Revolution for him. Revolution is kinda like the once a month flea drops you put on the animal's neck, but it also protects from ear mites and other nasty stuff. It seemed like a good idea since we've been letting Jack in the backyard again.

And now for the pictures!

Hey Mom! What's the big idea!?!

Yeah, what?

Kitty loaf!


Cliff got this plant from his work while out recovering from his gall bladder surgery. Unfortunately, Jack just loved it.

We had to put the plant up high where Jack couldn't reach it.

This isn't my favorite Jack image 'cause it makes him look ginormous, but his eyes are lovely here.

Tags: jack, revolution, shots

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