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I was inspired by toniann to look into the voice post options. I went to the FAQ and followed the link. There is a nice long list of numbers you can call organized by state. I scroll down to Texas.

Texas has ONE number, and that's only toll-free if you live in San Antonio. Now this might not be so irksome if not for the fact I counted that Vermont has FORTY numbers. Delaware and Rhode Island have around 30 numbers each. Even Mississippi has TWO numbers. Houston, the 4th largest U.S. city, by itself ought to have at least two numbers. GRRR!

Before we jump to conclusions that Texas is backwater luddite state, I would like to point out that the great state of California only had THREE numbers. That's right, THREE. And neither San Francisco nor Los Angeles were on that short list.


The page with the numbers does say "Note: We're in the process of adding more numbers." That's nice, but what the hell is the decision process for adding numbers? Only 19 states are represented, and I note that Illinois is not one of them. You'd think Chicago, the third largest U.S. city, would have a few LJ users.

I can only guess that perhaps numbers are added as users request them. Though it's hard for me to believe so few Californians had made the effort. Or that nobody from Chicago or Houston had contacted LJ.

I could call on my cell, but why would I have to choose the San Antonio number? Surely one of Vermont's 40 numbers would be low volume. Or is Vermont the number one state of internet junkies? I don't get it.

If numbers are added by request, I guess I ought to send an email.
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