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How Low Can You Go?

I honestly did not know of this issue before Jon Stewart talked about it on The Daily Show. Evidently the Bush Administration made a "news" segment piece to be run on local news channels touting the wonderful new Medicare Bill. The reporter and all the interviewees were ACTORS. The only non-actor in the piece was a staged interview with HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson who was clearly reading lines. This piece was run on at least one Tennessee news broadcast.

It's not often when TDS's audience gasps in genuine horrified amazement. It's not often when ***I*** gasp in genuine horrified amazement.

Now, I already knew that the GOP sends out "Letters to the Editor" to newspapers that are written in Washington, DC and are disguised to appear as if they come from local readers. They only got caught when one newspaper noticed the EXACT SAME LETTER in another market. And yes, I think that's slimy. But somehow this seems even worse. It's propaganda stamped with a imprimatur of legitimacy of a real news story. To me, this is scary and dangerous for a democracy.

I liked how TDS dealt with the issue, though they did avoid the disturbing implications of this. Rob Corddry, Sr. Ethicist Correspondant (for the last 25 years, OF COURSE!), said TDS was a sucky fake news program! That the Bush Admin puts TDS to shame! In fact, the Bush Admin puts ALL the fake news people to shame! SNL, Conan also pale in the fake news biz! d00d!!1!!

Seriously, this country desperately needs to get these sinister henchmen OUT of the White House. They SCARE me!

As a follow-up, I found this link talking about this issue. The article makes this sound a bit more benign, but if the Dems had ever gotten a "news piece" run on the news, we sure as hell would of heard of it. Damn.

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