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Last night's ANTM6 episode

Link to the episode pictures:

Ahh well, so much for beautiful Brooke. I love her look, but I suppose she couldn't get her act together in time. She kinda irritated me with her pissy looks and sighs during the Glamour Doll shoot. But I still really liked her.

Oh Jade, oh Jade. I would not have shed any tears if your fake ass got sent home. Gotta love how the judges called her on her 'performance' at judging. Everybody's eyes were rolling. Jade, begone foul whore!

Nnenna? So tired of the boring boyfriend drama. I'm somewhat concerned that her makeup has been so dreadful for the last two shoots. The girl is gorgeous, but she hasn't looked good in her last two big photoshoots. She did look great in her B&W crying shoot, big chin and all. But then she wasn't hidden under terrible clown colored pancake makeup. Her weakness is that she doesn't emote in front of the camera very well which is unfortunate with the ever-so-expressive Joanie in the competition.

I'm kinda bored with Sara, but that's probably because of how she's being edited. They don't show her personality, if she has one. I thought her doll picture looked good though. Her B&W picture was a bit over the top, imo.

Furonda is a conundrum. I find her the least attractive in the entire cycle (with the possible exception of Wendy), but she takes good pictures and has a good personality. I don't think she'll win, though.

Danielle's teeth situation is interesting. I know many are probably offended that Tyra et al are pushing for her to "fix" the gap. As someone who has a gap (much smaller, though), I suppose I should support her. But not to be cruel, Danielle is no Lauren Hutton. You need to have a sophisticated air to pull off a huge gap. If Danielle looked and sounded like Nnenna, she could pull off the gap. But with her accent, that gap does her no favors.

Still, the heavy handed pressure is galling, even if I do agree the gap should go. "You can't be a CoverGirl with the gap." It doesn't get more threatening than that--the gap goes or you do. I've seen talk online that Danielle could get an appliance that she can put in and remove at will to close the gap. That would seem a reasonable compromise.

Saving the best for last, have I mentioned how much I love Joanie lately? She rocked both photoshoots, spent a marathon 12 hour session in the dentist chair in between (plus another day), got told she was a joy to work with *AND* got called first AGAIN. Joanie just has a talent of conveying the mood with her face and body. She managed to pull off the ventrioquist's makeup with the erased and drawn higher up eyebrows without looking like a drag queen like poor Michelle from an earlier cycle/season. I also liked her B&W picture best of the group.

There's already loads of speculation that Joanie will be antm. Even if she is, I think they're going to give her a more negative edit soon so the competition doesn't look like a done deal. This is not the kind of show where people will bite their nails over who will get second place.
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