Binah (binah1013) wrote,

Last night's ANTM6 episode

I thought the show was setting us up for a Furonda elimination, which would have been fine with me. Girlfriend was forgetting she isn't even close to being the prettiest in the house. I'm pretty neutral to Ms. Ty Ty, but she told it like it is to Ms. Furonda.

And yet, Nnenna leaves before JADE and Furonda? Nnenna is far lovelier than the both combined, more intelligent and better spoken. Surely that counts for something.

If I wasn't convinced before, I would be now that the judges have already reached a consensus on the winner and are just playing these eliminations for the drama. Today was eliminate 'Jade's bff in the house'. I think the order that the girls were called up had little to do with their performances and more about making sure the girls and the audience think they all are contenders.

I thought the best pictures were Joanie, Sara and Jade. Sara's pictures usually don't bowl me over, but her mermaid pic was really nice.

I don't think that Danielle did the best, but I think they wanted to reward her for fixing the gap. Judges to Danielle: See? It *was* worth it!

Tags: antm, cycle 6

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