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Weddings, weddings everywhere

Ahh, I went to a wedding of a friend's stepdaughter. Well, really the friend of my husband's. In any case the wedding was at a Bed & Breakfast ( out in Columbus which is about 75 miles outside of Houston. I must say, it was pretty stylish and somewhat non-traditional at the same time. The colors were sage-green and a rich golden yellow. I don't think I've ever seen colors like that at a wedding. I liked it.

The wedding was an outside affair in a very attractive copse of trees. In fact the theme of the whole ceremony was trees and blessedly free of religion. It was smidge new-agey, but not preachy. I liked it. I was also impressed that the sage bridesmaid dresses were basically plainer copies of the wedding dress. This was a very coodinated wedding. The yellow rose petals down the aisle were a nice touch.

My best friend is getting married about a month from now. She also is having an outdoor wedding. I sure do hope it isn't any hotter than it was yesterday, 'cause it was 82F yesterday--which is about as warm it can be without serious sweating. I think I'm going to hope for a Houston-type "cold snap" for the next wedding.

This was the first wedding my husband and I have attended as a married couple. It's interesting 'cause you can't help mentally comparing your own wedding to the one you're watching. Our wedding was a small affair that took place in our home with 30 witnesses, but all in all, it was a heartfelt ceremony by a JP that made it feel special and a damn good party afterwards. This grander wedding didn't make mine feel like a lesser thing. I was able to admire this wedding as something that appealed to my sensibilities. It was interesting, 'cause Cliff and I and our neighbors talked about our own weddings while watching this one. It was a cool bonding experience with our fellow wedding guests.

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