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Monday, Monday

This is a very boring Monday. Laws yes.

I saw Doctor Who Age of Steel this weekend, though. That was a fun romp. Kinda freaky to have Jackie Tyler as a Cyberman. Hee. Though Rose eventually needs to listen to the Doctor about how only the family on your world is YOUR family. Maybe Pete's reaction at the end will finally teach her a lesson.

Yay! Mickey is gone! Though now as the season progresses, I'm reminded that supposedly this is the last season with Rose Tyler. Makes me wonder how they'll plan her departure.

Next week they're in ENGLAND again. Sigh. They hardly ever frolic about on other planets it seems. And even when they do, it's still human-based. I want more alien-ness on alien lands.

[fanfic whine]: I want more ST:ENT fanfic of my particular ship preference. I helped spawn a successful fanfic 3rd POV challenge and nobody wrote the story I wanted! *grump* I wanted a fic where Archer first figures out that Trip/T'Pol are together. But alas, everything but. Even an entertaining story from the POV of the Enterprise herself, but not the one story I wanted. There was an Archer story, but it had no "Ohhhh" moment, which was kinda part of the challenge. [/fanfic whine]

I need to find a new fanfic outlet, methinks. It might require picking up a new show, though. I did read a well done Doctor Who fanfic (Doctor/Rose) that I liked, but I fear that the average talent would butcher the concept. Besides, companions come and go. Eventually Rose will be on her way, like it or not. And lame as I may be, I'm ever so fond of a happily ever after (or as close as the particular couple can get). Happily for the next 6 months kinda sucks.

I guess this upcoming TV season, I'll have to try to pick something to watch. Not that all shows make me want fanfic. I couldn't get into Buffyverse fanfic for the most part. The only fanfic that I looked up was Wesley/Illyria, and even I know that's whack. Didn't find much either. Sigh.
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