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Today is going to be a quiet day at work. Since I did timesheets yesterday, I know lots of folks plan on taking off today. My husband is taking off today from his work, too. But it is his birthday, too.

Happy Birthday Cliff!

I'll be sending him some e-cards today. When I get home, we're going out to eat at nice steakhouse and then go see X-Men 3. It'll be nice.

I tried to sic Jack on him this morning. The last time I had a day off and he didn't, right before he left in the morning he told Jack to "Wake Mommy up!" and put him on the bed. Jack followed those instructions to the letter as Cliff jumped on his motorcycle to go to work. Jack bit my toes and walked all over me. Ooof!

This morning I put Jack on the bed with the instruction, "Wake Daddy up!" and uncovered his feet as a suggestion/call to action. Jack just looked at me and jumped off the bed. Sigh. I can only hope Jack eventually decided Daddy need to WAKE UP. It's only fair, after all.

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