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I was passing on loveanddarkness's kitten link on Gmail when the box thought I might be writing about "Kitten Huffing". Just seeing the term kitten huffing made me laugh. Anybody got some primo orange? *snicker*

This was the original kitten huffing link:

Evidently a fun, but risky activity according to that site:

The site doesn't mention if bunnies are huffable, but after reading this article, I wouldn't even dream of entertaining the idea:

Just for the record? is just fucked up all around. I like that in a website. ;D

--And now for something completely different--

If the summary for your fanfic is "125-word drabble, supposedly funny, not finished yet," then you probably shouldn't have posted it. Just a thought.

--And now for something completely different--

Work is slow and I'm bored even though there are things I could be doing. I just don't want to. Lazyitis strikes again!
Tags: bunnies, kitten huffing, life, links

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