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The following movie news makes me squee like a little girl. And not because of the hotness of the stars mentioned, but rather the topic of the movie.
ERIC BANA and NATALIE PORTMAN are teaming up to play HENRY VIII and ANNE BOLEYN in the big screen adaptation of THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL. The film is based on the historical novel by PHILIPPA GREGORY about the two ferociously ambitious sisters, MARY and ANNE BOLEYN, who are rivals for the heart of 16th Century English King Henry VIII. Executives from BBC Films, which originally acquired the book rights and made a 2003 TV film starring NATASCHA MCELHONE and JARED HARRIS, are also producing the project. Filming is scheduled to begin this autumn (06) in London.

When I was a teenager, I read a historial romance about Mary Boleyn. From there, I devoured every bit of Tudor history I could get my hands on. I progressed to biographies written by historians. And I can tell you that Mary may have not have become queen, but she led a very interesting life. She was mistress to TWO kings, Francis I of France and Henry VIII before her sister Anne. She survived her sister's execution and her children became members of her niece Elizabeth I's court.

I very much would like to see that movie. Natalie Portman would make an interesting Anne Boleyn. Though, I'd think Eric Bana would be way too hot for Henry VIII. Still, *squee*
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