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Cartoons of the day!

I should post cartoons more often! One of my sister-in-laws sent me some email blathering about comparing illegal immigrants to breaking and entering a home and not leaving. Oh yeah, that analogy so works! :-P Oh yeah, 'cept not. If it were that simple, the wall people want to build would have already been erected.

I'm not passionate about the immigration issue one way or another. But don't send me an email with a lame simplistic analogy and end it with, "From now on, I am going to pick and chose what laws I want to obey." *roll eyes* Manage a restaurant for less than a month and tell me who'll apply for the dishwasher position. Ain't gonna be a white boy. And in great liklihood, not a black boy either. Even if the position became magically well paid, the turnover would be outrageous. So to rebel against stupid black & white issue emails, may I present a couple cartoons!

From New Yorker Magazine:

I forget where this one came from:

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