Binah (binah1013) wrote,

Lurking and Superman!

I've been feeling lurky lately. Lurk, lurk, lurk. Had a lazy long weekend and did nothing of note on the 4th. I just don't get that excited about holidays other than the fact it's a day off. I do love having days off, though. ;D

Saw Superman Returns. It's kind of a weird movie, really. Their Lois Lane is one bitter, bitter chick. Kate Bosworth also lacked spark. And if you learn any lesson from the movie, it's the importance of seat belts. Laws yes. Seat belts are the new sunscreen. (Does anybody remember that song? "To the class of 1999..." by Baz Luhrman)

I thought Kevin Spacey did well as Lex Luthor, though I thought the writing and his moll and henchmen brought no fun to the party. His "Miss Techmacher"-type, played by Parker Posey, was probably the weakest part of the plot.

There's very little Clark Kent in the movie, surprisingly enough.

Our scores (out of a possible 10):
Me: 7.5
Cliff: 7.0

On a Jack note, Cliff offered Jack a $100 bill if he'd come in on his own. *shakes head* I guess Jack isn't the material type. ;D
Tags: holiday, jack, lurk, superman returns

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