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Journal Meme

I saw that noelleleithe and loveanddarkness were doing a cool journal meme thing, and I wanted to be a big 'ole copycat follower.  Though, perhaps I shouldn't only because I don't have a cool all together theme for my lj.  Ah well.

My journal is called I was an X-Files Zombie... because I'm still somewhat active in the XF community and I still read XF fanfic.

My subtitle is
but then Mulder stuffed my mouth with salt and sewed my lips together because it amuses me.

My friends page is called
The Dudes and Dudettes Abide... because it's my shout-out to that crazy cool movie The Big Lebowski.

And, just for the hell of it: My username is
binah1013 because Binah was a nickname from the time I was a teenager and the 1013 is because that has been the default number I use when I can't just use my name by itself.


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