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We're going to Atlanta on Friday and returning Monday AM. I'm attending a friend's wedding and my sister lives there. It's a twofer. However, after we made our flight arrangements, my sister found out she had to go to Seattle and returns early Sunday afternoon. We'll only really get to see her for dinner on Sunday night. Not an ideal situation, but c'est la vie.

We fly in to Hartfield early Friday afternoon and there's a rehearsal dinner that evening. The wedding is Saturday evening at 5:30pm. So, Cliff and I will play tourist early Saturday. I went ahead and made a reservation for a CNN tour. I did the tour back in the '90's with my sister. But Cliff has never been to Atlanta, so it'll all be new for him. I'm not sure if we'll try to do the World of Coke on Saturday or Sunday. Also, my sister gave me a heads up that Atlanta has the Bodies: The Exhibition in town. So, if we have time, we'll go see that, too.

I'm guessing we'll have time for all three. We're staying at a hotel close to the MARTA, so we're going to go carless and cab it to the rehearsal dinner and wedding. We've been assured that we can get to the above tourist spots on the MARTA, so yay! Hopefully MARTA is as easy to figure out as the Metro in Paris. Man, the Metro was all that and a bag of chips. My sister says MARTA is much more limited, but we should be able to get what we want out of it.
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