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Hot, not so hot

Yesterday, I came home to a house at 87F. Yuck. The AC was malfunctioning. Cliff and I got home within 2 minutes of each other, and Jack favored us with some decidedly grumpy looks and meows. He may not be much of a purrer, but he's vocal otherwise.

ARS to the rescue. Our technician was a Hispanic gentleman with a very thick accent. He kinda reminded me of a faculty member at work that we all hope we never need to speak to. The faculty member (he's Chinese), is a very nice guy, but understanding his speech is a challenge at best. Luckily the faculty member communicates well in English when emailing. No chance of getting the ARS dude to email us.

*chuckles at that mental image: ARS dude bringing a laptop in the house to communicate with us looking over his shoulder while he types*

ARS dude did a temporary fix last night, and had to return to replace a fan this morning. I stayed home and played with Jack while waiting. ARS dude was pretty quick. We were definitely first on his list and he was on his way before 10am. And now, I'm at work. I'd "Yay!" at that, 'cept I'm at work.

Even though it's September, it's Houston. We're past the worst indignities of summer, but summer holds us in its ever loosening grip until autumn can save our day properly. Usually October is month that we can embrace the goodness that is autumn.

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