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My birthday weekend is officially over. I turned 36 as of Monday, October 2. Took yesterday off, and now I'm back to work. Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. Y'all helped make this a very wonderful weekend, even if I have waiting 'till Tuesday to say anything.

Saturday - Got my hair highlighted & lowlighted with red. Got my nails done. Visited Mommie Dearest and she gave me baklava and a gift certificate.

Sunday - Went out with the girls and camped out at a table in La Madeleine for hours. Got Grand Theft Auto-San Andreas, candles, very dark chocolate, picture frames and potpourri.

Monday (actual birthday) - went out to lunch with Cliff at PF Changs and then went and saw the movie Fearless with Jet Li. Finished off with a trip to Cold Stone. The movie was good, but I'm beginning to think that ice cream from Cold Stone is just too sweet. I get the smallest size and suffer sweet fatigue before I finish the cup. I think Marble Slab may have the better ice cream.


Birthday Weekend

My birthday weekend has commenced! I got my hair highlighted and lowlighted. See behind the cut. Mommie Dearest gave me a gift card and a tray of baklava! Yay baklava! I also received a pretty necklace from my nail person. Yay birthday weekends!

See the new me!Collapse )

Happy Birthday to V and Jack!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY verlindahenning!!!

Oh marquee tag, how crazy you are! *giggle* I noticed the blink tag works, too.

Happy Birthday to my baby kitty, Jack, too!
Today is going to be a quiet day at work. Since I did timesheets yesterday, I know lots of folks plan on taking off today. My husband is taking off today from his work, too. But it is his birthday, too.

Happy Birthday Cliff!

I'll be sending him some e-cards today. When I get home, we're going out to eat at nice steakhouse and then go see X-Men 3. It'll be nice.

I tried to sic Jack on him this morning. The last time I had a day off and he didn't, right before he left in the morning he told Jack to "Wake Mommy up!" and put him on the bed. Jack followed those instructions to the letter as Cliff jumped on his motorcycle to go to work. Jack bit my toes and walked all over me. Ooof!

This morning I put Jack on the bed with the instruction, "Wake Daddy up!" and uncovered his feet as a suggestion/call to action. Jack just looked at me and jumped off the bed. Sigh. I can only hope Jack eventually decided Daddy need to WAKE UP. It's only fair, after all.


Birthday Luncheon from Hell

a.k.a. the lunch hour that would never end.

We just finished a fairly awful "birthday" luncheon for me and J had the bright idea of inviting the Director. Lovely. He mildly ridicules pretty much everything everybody says 'cause he's got a wealth of experience no one else has. As we don't make a gazillion dollars a year and travel world-wide on a nearly constant basis (usually paid for by others) for decades, there really is no speaking on a level playing field.

I mentioned our dinner at Fogo de Chao and it started a brief discussion. I made the error of mentioning the salad bar and El Directore goes, "No *real* Brazilian restaurant would have a salad bar."

*eye roll* Thanks for the hat tip, asshole. I'm done with contributing to the conversation 'cause I've rode this merry-go-round before, and it was no fun. And that was about 5 minutes into the lunch. As expected (when I realized J had invited him), the conversation ended up being about him and his experiences.

So, most of us (me, L, E and C) stayed quiet while those unnerved by silence (J) or ones with less experience with the Director (P) asked his eminence about his experiences about x, y or z. This time? Las Vegas and its plastic-ness and a bit about South Africa. Fine, whatever. When lunch FINALLY broke up, P and L wished me a happy birthday. Unfortunately, I was already in a foul mood.

I didn't say anything last year, but this year I asked J that in the future could we NOT invite the Director? 'Cause there can be no normal and relaxed conversations with him in the room. She apologized profusely and said she forgot how uncomfortable it was with him last year. Of course, that makes me feel a bit ungrateful. But it will be worth it if next year we could actually have a good time.


I had a lovely birthday weekend

Sunday was my birthday (I turned 35), but I had a birthday weekend. On Saturday, I went to my parents house and we went to lunch and I received some earrings and some magnetic clasps for necklaces. I made sure to eat lightly, because my husband and I had plans to go out that night.

Our internet kinda got fixed Saturday afternoon. A Time Warner repair guy came and declared our cable modem had gone bad and installed a new one. Unfortunately, there also seems to be something wrong with either our router or our hub. So *I* have internet, but my husband does not. We may go out to get a new router very soon. Possibly tonight.

Saturday evening, we went to Fogo de Chao and and a lovely and delish time. After dinner we stopped by Home Depot to get new tub fixtures. We had a terrible leak in the master bathtub and we had called the plumber to come Sunday afternoon. We got the plumber to install the new tub faucet when he fixed our leak. The new faucet is pretty! Also, the water pressure is much better. Yay!

On Sunday, I went out to Cafe Caspian for Persian food with the girls and had a great time. Bath gels, gift certificates and marzipan made up my birthday booty! A very enjoyable afternoon.

Then I went back home to my considerate and wonderful husband...and the plumber. The plumber didn't end up leaving until 7pm. Also, the lawn people were there, so we had lots of people all over the place--especially since the girls were briefly over too.

Turning 35 isn't such a traumatic experience. Not like turning 30 was. Lord, I was bummed on that day. But 35 is a breeze. I doubt I'll feel that way about 40, but perhaps I should strive for that.

Then again, maybe 35 is a better age for me because I am more content in life than I was at 30. I'm married to a wonderful guy, we live in a nice little house and we're both gainfully employed in jobs that aren't half bad. It's a good life.

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