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Why is it that a number of DW writers I like used to write Spuffy? None of them are on my flist, so I think I can discuss this without controversy. (Double-checked, there.)

Okay. However, I should apologize to any Spuffy fans who might read this. Perhaps a Spuffy fan could even shed light on the appeal.

Ew to Spuffy. Honestly, just no. I could never get into Buffy fanfic even before those seasons, I must admit, but Spuffy is like the opposite of OTP. Buffy never loved him and Spike was just a pathetic sad sack with her, when he wasn't trying to rape her. Spuffy was irritating in the show. Why the hell would I subject myself to it in fanfic? Oy.

Since I never read it, maybe I'm missing the point. Maybe Spuffy is fucked up angsty dark shit. Buffy's all like, "Oh how I hate life so, I'll do something so monumentally stupid as pick Spike as a fuck buddy! I could use some shame in my life!" And Spike's all, "Oh, I love/want Buffy 'cause I want everything Angelus had! And maybe I might really fall in love so I can be really pathetic!"

Though I'm guessing there were some, "But it was twuu wuvv!" fic. Now that would be the sick shit.

Hmm, perhaps that's a bit harsh.

And yet, one of these Spuffy writers is crafting one of the best Doctor/Rose fics out there. The story is delicious, complicated, in parts angsty, and in parts silly and joyous. It's those last two descriptors, silly and joyous that seem utterly antithetical to what I'd imagine a decent Spuffy story being. Maybe it's just a credit to the fanfic author that she do both presumably well. Her DW fic is outstanding so I can only presume her Spuffy fic is. Maybe she could even make me like them together, which would be more than the show did.

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