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I can so relate

The Pew Research Center just released a survey on American's views on marriage and its relation to parenthood, etc. Evidently some are clutching their pearls because children are no longer considered the primary reason for marriage. *shrug* As part of a happy marriage that considers our kitties as close to children as we ever want to get, this isn't news to me.

It seems I know more and more married women shying from the idea of children--though I do have a number of mommies on my flist. And good for them. Somebody needs to carry on the human race. Just not me. But I don't think even the mommies I know have expressed the opinion that marriage was all about children. Though I do know one mommy in RL that seems to be in an unhappy marriage, but loves her child to death. She lives for her daughter and talks about her all the time. It's striking because she never mentions her husband.

Some of my married but childless friends are women who when they were young, thought they would have children. And yet when it's time to make the decision to have them, they waver. But in any case, their wavering has nothing to do with their marriages, but rather imagining how to fit children into already hectic lives. For at least one of them, she's an A-type personality and a workaholic. I almost think kids would be good for her as a way to break her of her workaholicism, but I think her 10 year old step-daughter has turned her off having kids. Not that she has a bad relationship with the step-daughter, but I don't think she's always enjoyed being a part-time mommy for the last 6 years.

Extensive babysitting during my teen years taught me that I don't really enjoy children past the 3 hour mark. Cliff does enjoy children, but after he plays with his nephews and nieces (and grand nephews/nieces) he says he's glad the kids don't go home with him. I think he'd be a great dad, but alas, we're both in agreement on not having children issue.

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