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Metatron rant

Internet advertisers irritate me

Internet advertisers get more irritatingly clever all the time. I'm not talking spam because Gmail is my superhero in that department. If only Gmail could come rescue the damsel in distress that is my POP account.

No, I'm talking about inline ads on webpages. Now on my old computer, I modified my hosts file (PC) and lived a fairly ad-free online life. However, at least at work, it did cause a minor problem. I could not use the SBC Lite Pages, an online phone book. It was a minor inconvenience. If you use Citysearch, you can basically find nearly everything you need. Still, sometimes a bother.

So, I get new computers in the last year both at home and at work. I decide to not bother with the hosts file 'cause Firefox has a dandy feature where you can right click an ad (non-Flash) and block images from that server. Sure, I couldn't zap the Flash ads, but I was still doing okay.

Over the last couple of months, I've noticed that Flash ads are now becoming the norm. Grr. So, my piecemeal Firefox solution is increasingly ineffective. DAMN YOU MACROMEDIA! Usually I'm a fan of Macromedia. I like Dreamweaver, Fireworks and usually Flash though I haven't created anything in Flash for years. Macromedia has taken the power away from the user and advertisers like that. It seems the best you can do with a right click is to freeze the ad, or stop the loop. Heck, if I was an advertiser, I'd want a Flash ad, even if it was just a static image.

So, I'm considering beefing up my hosts file again for the home computer. Sigh. C'est la cyber-vie.