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Jack update, Valentine's Day and GIP

GIP! I got a little creative today and made this icon.

Jack. He does not have Feline Urinary Tract Syndrome. He does have quite the infection, though. After getting fixed last week, Jack licked his genitals to an excessive amount. Per the vet, he licked his penis so much that he got an infection that traveled up to his bladder. Poor pervert kitty. However, his little empty testicle sacs are fine. The vet said he "expressed Jack's bladder, which Jack did not appreciate AT ALL." There was no blockage and no crystals in the urine, but considerable blood in the bladder due to the infection.

The vet said he had seen this condition in females much more frequently. Additionally, males tend to take longer to get over bladder infections. When I pick Jack up from the vet tonight, I'll be taking him home with antibiotics. The vet warned me it may take more than one course of antibiotics to clear Jack of the infection. However, if a second course of antibiotics does not do the trick, then he wants to bring Jack in for bloodwork. Jack should be feeling better by Thursday. *fingers crossed*

Last, but never least, is my romantic husband Cliff. I received a "FTD Sweethearts Bouquet" at work this morning. It's in a cool square red vase with some pretty orchids flowers (I'm no expert) and carnations. The scent is very nice and the arrangement is lovely. Cliff is such a sweetie. Our wedding anniversary is tomorrow and I wonder if something is in store then, too. Last year he did, but I don't plan on EXPECTING something.

GIP fun

Strong Bad was in fine form in his latest email. Don't you love the jaunty look? Still, one day I will screencap SB wearing those silly 70's glasses in Dangeresque 2: Dangeresque Too. I'm not sure why I haven't.

I love the below image of Homestar, but I'm not sure the text is really legible. I hate icons where you can't really read them. I see that a lot with icons that sorta mimic those movtivational posters.

Micro print that you absolutely cannot read over the hottie of the week.

 Image hosted by Photobucket.com

So, legible?
Or back to the drawing board?


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