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Check it out. I never even watched Power Rangers and I still think this is funny.



Reporting in...

I should have done this yesterday, but I checked in with lots of folks yesterday, but not here. My internet is still down at home and I didn't get to LJ before I went home yesterday from work.

Well, Rita wasn't so bad. At least where we were, she was a LOT of wind and very little rain. I was quite surprised how little rain we got.

We lost power for only about 6-8 hours early Saturday morning. Around 3am Saturday morning, we noticed it had gotten hot and humid in the house, so the power had to have been off for awhile. The power came back around 10am. Cable was back when the power was on for the most part, except some of Sunday night. However, the internet was down all weekend. So, we were pretty comfortable. We burned and watched alot of DS9 and played Age of Mythology all weekend.

Part of our fence was blown down, but it was the old side we hadn't replaced. We share that side with a neighbor that got foreclosed on, and a representative from the bank surveyed the damage on Sunday. The bank may end up replacing the fence.

There's a power pole near our house that we could see swaying in the the high wind, and that made us a bit nervous. But it didn't go down.

All in all, the evacuation (of others) was more traumatic than the storm. Not being able to find gas on Thursday morning was upsetting. Luckily, gas stations opened back up on Sunday. I even got a car wash! Yay!

Rita is here

It's been very windy all day, but the first feeder band is now here. We're just getting drops, but the sky is very dark in the northeast. The sun is setting in the west and the light is all yellow. Yellow everywhere. The clouds are bathed in yellow light. Right before I sat down, Cliff grabbed me to go out and there was a perfect rainbow from ground to ground--at least as far as I could see.

Seeing a rainbow with a hurricane feeder ban for a backdrop on one side and the golden sunset on the other is a damned memorable experience. And the wind is picking up even more. Strong gusts. I'm thinking power will be out before midnight.

Lovely Rita

I live in the Houston area, though on the dry SW side. I don't think I'll need to evacuate, but we'll see how things are going tomorrow night.

The medical school I work at closes today at 5pm to all non-essential personnel. Yay for being non-essential! Ironically, I was planning to take Friday off because I'm pushing my maximum vacation accrual and I'm going to start losing hours soon. Now I get the next two days off for free! Yayness!

This morning I considered all this Rita brouhaha as a massive over-reaction, after all, we don't know where it'll hit. It could hit Corpus Christi and spare Houston for the most part. I still think we're all on our toes due to Katrina.

However, looking at the radar this afternoon kinda stopped my eye-rolling. It's a hefty-sized storm and has increased to a category 5. And hell, Tropical Storm Allison made water leak into our master bath. Harrumph.

I guess sometime in the next two days we'll stock up on water and gas.

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