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The Incredibles - Binah does icons!

I've been wanting a particular icon for some time. I wanted an icon of Syndrome (formerly Incrediboy) from The Incredibles doing his monologuing comment. Cliff and I quote that line often while watching TV and movies. I figured somewhere, someone had already made it. Maybe they have, but I couldn't find it. So, I pulled out the DVD and did a screencap. Then I decided to make a batch because there are a number of iconable moments in that film. I'm not usually motivated enough to actually screencap, but the spirit moved me.

If any of them appeal to you, they are fully gankable. Comments are welcomed.

ETA: Photobucket is chapping my hide again. Nothing on Photobucket has been showing up for me on LJ for days. My mood theme is still on Photobucket, and therefore MIA. Bastards.