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Four more years?

Bill Moyer's Journal

My icon is increasingly out of date, kinda like how So Long and Thanks for All the Fish was "The fifth book in the increasingly inaccurately named Hitchhiker's Trilogy". I still love that icon. After 2008, it'll definitely have to be retired.

Last night, Bill Moyers returned to PBS with his show "Bill Moyers' Journal". He spent 1.5 hours discussing how the media was complicit in the selling of the Iraq War. If you were paying attention, and it seems many were not, you won't be shocked. There were some people asking the right questions, but dammit, war is good for media business! Shut those people up! Cancel their shows, don't run their articles. Besides, it's much cheaper to get "experts" to spout the party line.

If you were/are a casual news watcher, you might be amazed how unquestioning the Washington Press corps, NYT and WaPo were. The press just took the administration's words at face value. The Bush Administration propped up Chalabi as a point man, a man the CIA dropped because he was a con man. And yet somehow, the press took his words as gospel. No double-checking, just dictation for the most part.

Worst of all, you know the Administration and many in the Press knew they were perpetuating lies. Especially the Administration, but that the Press went along without a fuss. Such a disservice to this country.

This documentary is really worth your time. If you missed it, you can watch it here.

In the same theme, enjoy this Tom Tomorrow comic.

bleeding eye

Morning Routine: How many died today?

Insurgents Kill 19 Iraqis in Prison Break
Mar 21, 9:30 AM (ET)

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - Insurgents stormed a jail around dawn Tuesday in the Sunni Muslim heartland north of Baghdad, killing 19 police and a courthouse guard in a prison break that freed dozens of prisoners and left 10 attackers dead, authorities said.

As many as 100 insurgents armed with automatic rifles and rocket-propelled grenades stormed the judicial compound in Muqdadiyah, about 60 miles northeast of the capital. The assault began after the attackers fired a mortar round into the police and court complex, said police Brig. Ali al-Jabouri.

At least 33 prisoners were freed in the jail break.

After burning the police station, the insurgents detonated roadside bombs as they fled, taking the bodies of many of their dead comrades with them, police said. At least 13 policemen and civilians and 15 gunmen were wounded.

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A hundred insurgents attacking a jail, freeing the inmates and laying roadside bombs to insure their getaway? That sounds awfully damn organized to me. Like a military organization. Organized and with goals. That's not even mentioning the death squads the Shi'ites have organized.

Over the weekend, Allawi actually said there is a civil war in Iraq. After reading the above, I think its getting into full swing.

Mission accomplished?