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Love is in the Air...

We jokingly refer to Jack and Lulu as the other married couple in the house. Jack is somewhat curmudgeonly, but somehow allows Lulu's advances. Jack and Penelope have an adversarial relationship, or did until Sasha joined our household. Jack and Penelope sorta have a truce going on in the face of the small black menace, a.k.a. Sasha. I mean, how can you bully the gray one when the black one might jump your ass at any time?

BTW, Penelope brought down another bird this weekend. Per our knowledge, it's
Penelope - 3
Neighborhood Birds - 0

You'd think Penelope would have justly earned some pecks on her back, but she is unmarked. During my childhood, we had a cat who received some pecks on his back that drew blood. And he never actually brought any bird down.

I'm using the Penelope icon because I don't have any pics of her this time. Anyway, here's some pics of feline love.

Lulu and Jack, hanging out butt to head. Jack wouldn't allow that sort of closeness with the other two girls.
From Cats

More where that came from!Collapse )


Little Black Kitty Update - Sasha!

Well, as Facebook and Twitter friends know, we've brought the kitty inside and intend to keep her. Jack is being a total drama llama about it. But evidently he's a big bluffer and Sasha (the name we gave to her) is not a nervous wilting flower like Penelope. Jack acted like an abused spouse last night, skulking and cringing and hiding. He's hissing at everybody, including Cliff and his girlfriend Lulu. Jack doesn't have any scratch marks, but he has been chased by Sasha. We yell at Sasha whenever we catch such behavior. Keep in mind that Sasha is half Jack's size.

Cliff is convinced that Jack doesn't have very good vision. He's actually had this theory for awhile, but I haven't really seen signs of it up to now. Per the theory, he can't tell if Sasha is in a room which accounts for his defensive posture when he enters and explains his hiding in "safe" rooms/areas. It also accounts for him hissing at everything that moves. The sisters just watch her closely whenever she's in the same area.

Cliff and Jack have a serious bromance going on, so Cliff is feeling very sorry for Jack. Jack was all tensed up, so Cliff was. I could tell last night that he was thinking that Sasha would have to go. But I used his logic when he was defending Jack (no scratches marks) when the shoe was on the other foot and Jack was terrorizing Penelope.

So yeah, there's lots of cat drama in the house. But Sasha is a sweet kitty. She's affectionate and will hang out on the couch next to humans. She seems to like to held and likes to lay on human chests while they're at the computer or watching TV. Cliff has always wanted a lap cat, but has been denied with Jack, Lulu and Penelope. Sasha has charmed Cliff, too.

Kitties want that crap behind a cut!

For the record, I do plan on doing the meme that closertofine tagged me on. I started it, but I was extremely busy at work. I mean seriously busy preparing for a board meeting. :(

However, I have kitty pictures today.

The happy couple: Jack and Lulu (in front)
From Cats

Lulu says "What?!" Jack looks on.
From Cats

Penelope demands an explanation for this asshattery!
From Cats

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Lazy Sunday Afternoon with Lulu

I went out with the girls for a late lunch on Sunday and was gone for 3 hours. I do this nearly every Sunday. When I got back, Cliff told me about a slice of life with Lulu.

Lulu is the bed cat. She sleeps with us for a majority of the night and often joins whichever human happens to be taking a nap. She even lays her head and shoulders on the pillows between us. And sometimes, she's a bed hog. She's a total entitlement queen so that's no surprise. It's all about her, dontcha know.

Anyway, on to Cliff's tale. He was feeling ready for a nap Sunday afternoon, so he went looking for Lulu. He couldn't find her anywhere in the house, so he looked in the backyard. There she was, snoozing next to the fence line in the sun.

Cliff called out to her, "Lulu, I'm going to take a nap. Come on, baby. Aren't you going to join me?" Lulu opened a sleepy eye, but did not move to get up. Disappointed, Cliff went to bed without her. Lulu hates being picked up, so physically getting her wouldn't work.

Five minutes later, Lulu took her rightful place in the middle of the bed, dirty paws and all. Awww! Cliff didn't realize she was dusty, but I had to brush off soil and the odd bit of vegetation off the bed that night after he told me.

I really need to make an icon with all my kitties.


Kitty Pictures

For whatever reason, my Firefox is not displaying the Picasa/Google photo site correctly. I checked it in IE7 this morning and it displayed correctly. I think I downloaded an update to Firefox recently, so I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

It was a nice warm day in the 70's yesterday. No winter here.

Jack, hanging out
From Cats

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Do what you want for a pirate is free...

When I first went to this site, I was like, "How did they know I have Limewire?" I'm such a dork. You will need sound for this.

In other personal news, I've started walking in the afternoons at work. Our building is perfect for walkers. The building is said to be 1/4 of a mile long, and there's a wide corridor down the length of the building. You see lots of folks in tennis shoes in groups or singly walking at all times of the day.

My office suite is upstairs, just a bit off the center of the building. The parking garage is way off to one side of the building. The mail room is also on that end of the building. So, I was walking approximately a 1/2 mile by just going to work (garage<->office, office<->mail). For this fatass, that was a lot of walking at first. After awhile, I wasn't bothered/irritated by it at all. So, I decided to extend my walk for the mail. At first, it was just taking little cross corridors to extend the walk a bit. Now I'm walking for a solid 30-40 minutes. Last week, I know it was 30 minutes. Today, I'm pretty sure it was 40 minutes. Luckily nobody seems to mind me disappearing for 30+ minutes when I'm getting the mail. But then again, I know a couple of co-workers that go walking together. So I was pretty sure no one would mind.

This last weekend, we even pulled out our little $99 treadmill that actually works very well. The belt has a flywheel rather than an electric motor. Penelope was fascinated by the treadmill. She swatted it until she figured out it couldn't hurt her. Then she tried biting the belt and finally walked with me on it like Jack used to do. Jack watched her for awhile and when Penelope ran off, he came down off the couch and tried biting the treadmill, too. Silly kitties. Lulu watched me, Penelope and Jack for awhile. She decided it was all boring and walked off.

I think I've been inspired lately because I think I've gained back nearly all the weight I lost over the winter with the 1-2 punch of walking pneumonia and sinus infection. That killed my appetite from early November to mid-January. Heck, my sense of smell didn't return until March. Alas, my appetite is so very, very back. So, walking.

Latest Kitty Pix!

I only prepped three pics this time. I thought I had some I hadn't posted yet, but alas no. I notice that when I take pictures at sunset when it's still bright, they come out like I took the pics at night. Irritating that. Sometimes I wish I was a better photographer, but I'm not motivated enough to do much about it.

One day I will get a proper photo of Jack and Lulu so that you can see how different they can look. Granted, from a distance and from behind, I can be confused as to who is who. But their faces and body shapes are really different.

My matinee idol!
From Cats

Penelope and Lulu snuggling.
From Cats

Lulu: Day I got cookie!
From Cats


This is bad for my self-esteem

According to Penelope, when the dishwasher is running, the kitchen sink is more interesting than me. After all, the sink might vomit a bit. I don't remember her being all that interested if I had to do that, but the sink? Whoa!

Penelope is the kitchen supervisor. And she's serious about her supervising. She makes sure I wash the dishes correctly, put up the groceries correctly and of course, she supervises all food activities. At least from as close as I let her get, which is shamefully often on the counter.

However, I don't willingly let her hang out in the cabinets. The kitchen supervisor is sometimes a naughty Penelope.

As soon as I finished taking the picture, I shooed her out of there.



Flowering Grass and Cats

Never has it been truer to say you learn something new every day. Even if it's something you'd have thought I'd noticed before. I've never given much thought to how normal grass in one's yard propagates. If you asked me, I couldn't have given you an educated answer. Further more, I suppose I never paid enough attention to grass to ever notice if it changes. Other than to notice it goes brown ever so often, that is. I mean, grass isn't as extravagantly obvious as dandelions.

But a couple of weeks ago I took notice that our grass looked kinda different. I pulled out a thick blade and was amazed. Flowering grass and miniature fuzzies! Only took me 36 years to notice!

Click the photo for an even closer look. I thought it was cool.

Okay, I'm done with botany. How about some pictures of my gorgeous kitties. You know you wanna look!

Five kitties pix behind the cutCollapse )

Picasa Experiment Part II with kitties!

Okay, let's try this again but with new photos! Please let me know if the images work for you.

Kitties!Collapse )

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