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Insert Witty Subject Title Here

From where does "Put on your big girl panties and deal with it!" come from? I swear I'm seeing that phrase on icons all over. I'm guessing it comes from a TV show I don't watch. If it's not on Comedy Central or The Discovery Channel or one of its offspring, I don't watch much of it.

I have co-workers that yesterday said, "Do you realize what DAY this is?!?!"
Me: Uhh, Wednesday?
Co-workers: Lost returns tonight! [insert random squeeing and whatnot]
Me: Oh.

I guess one of these days, I'll pick up Lost on DVD and check it out. That's the only reason I kinda wish we did Netflix/Blockbuster thing.

In other TV news, we watched the show The Supreme Court on PBS last night. The focus was on Hugo Black. I felt ignorant that I didn't really know about this guy. It's amazing how much history public schools don't teach. Granted, I could tell you about King Henry VIII's illegitimate child by Bessie Blount in the early 1500's because I read everything I could about Tudor England on my own. But relevant stuff I ought to know as an informed citizen of the U.S.? Sometimes not so much.

Anyway, Hugo Black was a very interesting man. A former klansman from Alabama, but quite the liberal, actually. He was a dissenting voice before the Warren Court, but influential in the Warren Court. He voted on the Brown v. Board of Education to help end segregation, and eventually his family had to leave Alabama due to death threats. He was an influential part of the majorities that ruled that poor defendants must be appointed a lawyer for them by the state. In Miranda v. The State of Arizona, I'm betting you can guess how he voted.

And this former klansman was the man who swore in Thurgood Marshall into the Supreme Court. A lot of the liberties we take for granted nowadays, exist in part because of Hugo Black.

Cliff and I sniggered a bit about "judicial activism" during the show. Nixon ran in 1968 on a platform that the SC "went too far" and used Justice Warren's name on campaign signs. Some things never change, eh? Then we saw clips of Warren swearing in Nixon. Heh.

So, yeah. Last night, The Supreme Court. The night before that? Clerks 2. That's how we roll.

Monday, Monday

This is a very boring Monday. Laws yes.
Doctor Who Age of Steel SpoilersCollapse )

[fanfic whine]: I want more ST:ENT fanfic of my particular ship preference. I helped spawn a successful fanfic 3rd POV challenge and nobody wrote the story I wanted! *grump* I wanted a fic where Archer first figures out that Trip/T'Pol are together. But alas, everything but. Even an entertaining story from the POV of the Enterprise herself, but not the one story I wanted. There was an Archer story, but it had no "Ohhhh" moment, which was kinda part of the challenge. [/fanfic whine]

I need to find a new fanfic outlet, methinks. It might require picking up a new show, though. I did read a well done Doctor Who fanfic (Doctor/Rose) that I liked, but I fear that the average talent would butcher the concept. Besides, companions come and go. Eventually Rose will be on her way, like it or not. And lame as I may be, I'm ever so fond of a happily ever after (or as close as the particular couple can get). Happily for the next 6 months kinda sucks.

I guess this upcoming TV season, I'll have to try to pick something to watch. Not that all shows make me want fanfic. I couldn't get into Buffyverse fanfic for the most part. The only fanfic that I looked up was Wesley/Illyria, and even I know that's whack. Didn't find much either. Sigh.

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